Get A Big

By giving your child the opportunity to be part of Big Brothers Big Sisters, you’re starting them down a path to an even brighter, more promising future.

Community-Based Mentoring

For as little as an hour a week, Bigs and Littles meet in their community to share fun activities … stories … and a little bit of themselves.

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School-Based Mentoring

Bigs and Littles meet once a week in schools to talk and have fun. It’s not about being a tutor … it’s about being a friend.

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Community-Based Mentoring

Traditional based one-to-one mentoring where mentors and children meet weekly in the community.

Community-Based mentoring has been in existence in Wausau for over 28 years and provides positive development, companionship and friendship for children ages 6 to 14 through a one-to-one relationship with an adult.

Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and agree to commit to a few hours a week in a year-long match, but it is hoped the friendship which develops will last a lifetime. Matching is based on interests, personality, geographic location, needs and expectations to ensure the best possible compatibility between the volunteer and child.

Staff has regular contact with the parent, child, and volunteer for the duration of the match. Mentors are not parent substitutes but give the child an added sense of worth and responsibility by letting the child know someone else takes time to care. Through regular meetings the volunteer and child engage in activities of their choice, which may include attending sports or community events, biking, hiking, playing board games, etc

School-Based Mentoring

Mentors and children meet at their schools during scheduled on-site mentoring times.

School Based mentoring is an expanding approach to improve the self-esteem, attitudes, attendance and achievement of children ages 6-14. Volunteers are matched in a one-to-one relationship with a child who has been referred by their teacher, guidance counselor or parent who could benefit from a mentoring relationship based on academic or social needs.

Both mentor and child make a school year commitment to the program and agree to meet at least 30 minutes once a week at the child’s school to help provide extra attention and support. The meeting times may occur before, during or after school. Partnerships with school districts allow volunteers to pick an elementary or middle school of their choice to mentor at. There are also ways to include community activities after being matched for at least 3 months.

Bigs With Badges

Are you ready to make a BIG impact on our littlest citizens?

In a special partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northcentral Wisconsin, we invite you to become a Big Brother or Big Sister (or “Big”,  as we like to call you) and mentor an elementary or middle school student (also known as a “Little”) for the 2017-2018 school year. Once a week, Bigs will choose a day to visit their Little and go in uniform during the student’s lunch period. Together, they can eat lunch, play games, read, work on homework or just sit and talk.

Littles who participate in the program are typically referred to us by their teacher or school guidance counselor. They are identified as a child who could benefit socially, emotionally or educationally from having an additional source of support. As a Big, you will be consistent, stable presence in the child’s life, offering encouragement, guidance, and friendship.

Police Officers, Firefighters, and EMTs who want to become a “Big with Badges” will apply, go through an orientation and interview and then be teamed up with a little, just like any other volunteer who comes through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. During the orientation, Big Brothers Big Sisters staff will share more about the program and what to expect while working with your Little. Once you are matched with a Little Brother or Little Sister, Big Brothers Big Sisters will continue to offer support, providing a professional staff member who will help the Big and Little grow together in friendship.

If you’re interested in becoming a Big with Badges, please contact Beth Kohnert at or call 715-848-7207.

How a Big becomes a Big (and a Little a Little)?

A lot of things have to happen before we make a match.



All our Bigs go through a thorough background check and careful interview process.



Then we match Bigs and Littles based on location, personalities and preferences.



We provide full support along the way — so that matches can grow into lasting friendships.

What Does It Mean To Be A LITTLE?

“Thank you for being my big sister…and thanks for bringing painting stuff.”



“Thank you for taking your time to play with me and for playing games with me and working on crafts.”



“Thank you for being my big sister”



“I am really thankful you give up your time to spend time with me.  I appreciate all you do for me”



What Do Bigs and Littles Do?

Getting together is a great time for both Bigs and Littles. It doesn’t require a special occasion or expensive activities; just a few hours every month sharing simple things you already enjoy with a young person. Things like….

Playing in the Park

Hanging Out


Making a Pizza

Learn More About Enrollment

If you’re ready to enroll and want to discuss the next steps, we’re here to help!