Our Stories

For 41 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northcentral Wisconsin has been making a BIG impact.  Over the years, parents, teachers, guidance counselors, Bigs and Littles have told us their stories.  We hope you enjoy hearing about their positive experiences and passion as much as we do.


Teacher Comments on 2017 Program Outcome Evaluations:

      • “Jamie did an amazing job with Hannah this year. Hannah was always very excited to have her big sister come. She actually worked with Jamie on assignments/work that she wouldn’t do with me. Jamie and Hannah’s relationship has been great. Jamie is a caring and compassionate big sister. She has even brought Hannah clothes.”


      • “I have seen tremendous growth in her (Little) confidence in the classroom with participating more and being able to work comfortably with others.”


      • “Katie has really started to take responsibility and work towards getting homework done without excuses. Thanks for the time you spent with her!”


      •  “Brandon LOVES to have his BB come to school. Brandon reminds me every Wednesday that it truly is Wednesday and his BB is coming. He knows exactly when he is supposed to be there. He smiles, has a very proud walk, holds his head up, and smiles, smiles, smiles, when it is his day with his BB. This was a very good thing for Brandon’s confidence level this year.”


      • “Connor truly enjoys participating in the Big Brother/Sister program. The time with his Big allows him to practice the social skills that he tends to lack. Throughout the year he has been working on being able to express his needs and wants appropriately during peer to peer interactions…”


      •  “Kayla has really loved having a big sister this year.”


      •  “I do want to let whom ever know that Lauren has grown tremendously in social and academics. She has really opened up and made more friends and is not afraid to answer questions. I hope she can continue this relationship into next year because her confidence has made huge leaps.”


Gone Fishing

Curt and Zach had quite a day of fishing. The two would be participating in the White Bass Round Up Fishing Tournament sponsored Adventure Lodge Kid. The day started out with a drive to Shawano, with a little bit of car trouble on the way….but that was beside the fact, they were going fishing. Thirty teams set out with their fishing guides to catch as many White Bass as possible, with every child in competition with each other for the grand champion. After five hours of fishing, the champion was crowned, our Little, Zach!

After a trophy presentation, and goodie bags distributed, the car trouble came back to light. Curt and Zach opened up the hood of the car and got to work. After a time and a lot of grease, the two were unable to fix the car and had to call someone to come and pick them up. As Zach’s mom stated, “you should have saw those two boys when they returned from fishing. They were sweaty, sun burned, smelly, and greasy” but with two huge smiles on their faces!

These two “boys” as Zach’s mom refers to them, have been matched just over a year. Not only do they look like real brothers, their bond is just as close. This is what Big Brothers Big Sisters is all about, two strangers becoming friends, enjoying time together and developing a relationship and memories that will last a lifetime.





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