Our Impact

Research has found that Big Brothers Big Sisters offers a positive, broad-based program “that focuses less onspecific problems after they occur, and more on meeting youth’s most basic developmental needs.”

Making a Difference: An Impact Study of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Philadelphia: Public/Private Ventures

Big Brothers Big Sisters on Northcentral Wisconsin Success Story

Success can be defined in many ways. For some, success can be measure in terms of wealth or amounts of possessions. Here at Big Brothers Big Sisters, we define success in seeing a child that was once struggling, thriving due to the help of a mentor. Although we have many success stories we could choose from, this particular one stands out. Four school years ago, Big Sister, Tara, met with her Little Sister, Danielle, in a local elementary school library. That was when Danielle was a fifth grader and felt like she was on top of the elementary school food chain. Their connection was pretty strong even from the beginning. Although Danielle has been in the program for a while prior, no Big Sister would ever compare to Tara. Danielle has since transitioned up to Middle and to the Junior High all while having Tara in her life. They have become part of one another’s family, so much so that  each year their families come together and participate in Bowl for Kids’ Sake all as one team. This summer Tara will marry her longtime boyfriend and Danielle will not only be watching them unite in marriage, but she will be right up at the alter with them serving as a bridesmaid.  This is a friendship that lasted far beyond the stacks of books; and knowing Tara and Danielle will last long beyond when Danielle someday speaks her wedding vows.


The children in Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northcentral Wisconsin:

60% are on free or reduced lunch

43% are from single-parent homes

13% have an incarcerated parent

80% have improved self-confidence

71% improved peer relationships

64% improved their schoolwork